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Slow & Reverse Aging -interview with Dr David Sinclair by Huberman Lab Podcast

Scientists and researchers know it all.

Do you care about healthy aging? If yes – this supplement is for you. 

Don’t be late to the party – scientists from Harvard and Stanford University already know about this powerful compound known as NMN.

Stop your ageing process by increasing your NAD+ levels with the help of an NMN supplement

We’ve got great data already. 

As Dr David Sinclair recommends, check the colour of powder and look for lab-tested NMN.


In the morning:

0.5-1 gr. of NMN powder

1 gr. of Trans-Resveratrol

Mix daily intake with yoghurt or take it sublingually under the tongue. 

Sublingual (under the tongue) delivery can provide rapid absorption via the blood vessels under the tongue rather than the digestive tract.

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